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Lawn Care -SJ Landscape will meet and exceed all your needs  for lawn and yard care.Everyone wants a healthy green lawn, and typically in our consumer society people seek immediate results with little effort. Good lawn practices will improve the growth characteristics of the grass and make it more resistant to diseases and gives you the results that you are trying to achieve. Allow SJ Landscape the opportunity to provide those good practices to you!

Line Marking and Stenciling - offers a wide variety of stencils to meet your demands. Simply take a look at our stock of stencils and fill out our online form for your quote. We require your contact information, the stencils your looking for and any additional information you may want or feel you need to give us

Asphalt Repair Crack Sealing  and Driveway Sealing -
SJ Landscape is the right choice for all your crack sealing and asphalt repair needs. What causes the damage to asphalt? Weather is the primary culprit. When temperatures change, it stresses the materials in asphalt. In cold weather, precipitation can build up on the driveway, causing water to seep into the semi porous surface. When this water thaws and freezes, it creates expansion in these pockets, causing cracks to form. The cracks allow more water to seep in, and the process gets worse and worse. If the cracks are not fixed when the weather warms up, the cracking is compounded with each successive year. Also, the buildup of car oil and the chemicals used to melt snow and ice during the winter can help break down the asphalt surface even more.

Snow Removal -
Are you looking for a quote from a company with fast reliable service? Then try SJ Landscape for all your commercial and industrial services regarding snow removal.

Construction - SJ Landscape is the leader for all your aggregate needs and construction projects such as excavating, grading and sewer repairs.

School Yeard Transformations - Theories of a greener school yards have been around for many years. It's only been recently that we have put these theories into action by breaking ground for greener school yards everywhere. Outdoor classrooms can embrace everything from habitat restoration, naturalization and artistic projects. Schools with larger grounds can be transformed to include nature trails in the summer and snow shoeing or cross country skiing trails during the winter months. The only limitations to what your imagination can envision are site specific drawbacks and the size of your school yard.


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